Playing at Garlands…

(well, it’s too much fun to call it work!)

So we asked the guys and girls on our events team what activities they loved getting involved with most at Garlands. Unsurprisingly, motor sports were up there, but there were a couple of surprises…

Mark Underhill
“Being the Operations Manager I obviously enjoy all of the activities equally, if I had to pick one that I prefer to run, I’d have to say Archery – You can really see the progression over the course of the activity, with a few simple coaching tips you can help the majority of participants. Seeing the customers leave at the end of the session with a smile on their face is always a good feeling.”

Phil Underwood
My favourite activity has got to be ‘Raft Racing’ it’s a fantastic team building event that has both constructive and competitive elements with a splash of fun.”

Molly Beatty
I had the time of my life participating in the off road 4×4 experience with Rob, would definitely do this again and recommend it to everyone”

Matt Robbins
Quad Trekking has to be my favourite event from an instructor and customer view. The Trek is a challenging activity that can be tailored to suit any client. Customers often comment on how they progressed in confidence throughout the trek and how much they enjoy the experience.”

Glynn Evans
Kart Racing, wet or dry a group full of friends all competitive with each other, destined to win, you hold the times close, starting slowest to fast to build the tension and reveal the victor. The drama unveils and a champion gets crowned. Bragging rights for the night cannot be beaten. That’s a good session for me that I enjoy.”

Ben Murphy
Quad trekking is the one for me! Never boring, always one or two funny stories by the end!”

Paul Walsh
Powerturns is always guaranteed to produce adrenaline fuelled laughter and screams! It’s fantastic challenging fun, great for teambuilding with a competitive edge! That’s what makes it my favourite activity!!”

Aiden Bourne
“Off Road Kart Racing is awesome fun in any weather! When it’s wet you get really muddy and the karts are really hard to steer. When it’s dry the track is a lot faster and the driving experience is better.”

 Jack Carey
Air Pistol & Rifle Shooting is best for me, I really enjoy all kinds of target sports but the accuracy of the rifles is just on another level.”

Simon McCrackle
I really enjoy the Quad Racing at Garlands Leisure, There isn’t many places you can race Quads so it’s quite a novelty. Its great to see the customers progress over the event with their first race generally quite slow and by the end they are flying around the track feeling invincible.”

Josh Rollason
“Running Archery at Garlands is possibly the best job in the world, I can’t say I have ever had a bad experience on the Archery range. Well, the occasional bruise on the forearm from the string can bring a tear to a grown mans eye.”

Lloyd Crowley
“I love being a Marshal on the Kart Racing event at Garlands, Its great to see all the customers getting really involved with the activity and always plenty of banter going around!”

Lexi Cooke
“Powerturns is just the strangest experience I have ever had, in a good way of course. A vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals is controlled just by two leavers. This can confuse the best of drivers. A great laugh for everyone involved.”