Training Case Study – Britvic

Client: Britvic

Group Size: 60

Organiser: Sarah


This branch of Britvic consists of 60 people, all working on the same floor but in sub-teams. Sarah asked Garlands to design a two-day team development session that would strengthen the workforce and bring the company closer together.

The feeling within the company was that communication and collaboration had become fragmented. They needed activities suitable for a range of ages and fitness abilities that would help improve communication and decision-making, our team development training was perfect! The two days were designed to take the delegates out of their comfort zone so that they could recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and understand how valuable their work is to Britvic.


Using an Olympic Games theme, our event manager, Andrea, drew up an exciting itinerary for both days. For this particular event we teamed up with a coaching organisation, who have been a part of many successful team development days at Garlands.

Britvic Team Building Itinerary: Day 1
9.00am Welcoming and Scene Setting
9.20am Introduction to Britvic Strategy
9.35am Activity Session 1 & Review Session
11.35am Break
11.50pm Activity Session 2 & Review Session
1.50pm Lunch
2.50pm Activity Session 3 & Review Session
3.50pm Break
4.20pm Review and Capture Learning
Britvic Team Building Itinerary: Day 2
9.00am Presentation by Senior Member
9.15am Energiser & Recap
9.30am Zone 1
11.00am Break
11.15pm Zone 2
12.45pm Lunch
1.45pm Zone 3
3.15pm Break
3.30pm Plenary Review- Team Actions & Ways of Working
4.00pm Departure

Sequence of Events

The first day focused on three different themes; vision, teamwork and coaching. Each theme was introduced by a facilitator at the start of every session, along with any models or theories that were of benefit.

The aim was to develop a common understanding, commitment and engagement in realising the team’s vision – where they wanted and needed to be at the end of the day and how they would get there. Teamwork encouraged everyone to work to their strengths, communicate effectively and bring out the drive and ambition they needed to reach their goals. Coaching focused on improving each attendee’s personal performance and gave them support where needed when outside of their comfort zones.

The second day consisted of three creative, interactive and engaging discussion zones. This began with an initial creative briefing from a senior team member, designed to inspire and motivate the other delegates into action. The teams were then set to work with the facilitators to focus on how the activities from day one would enable them to convert their learning into the workplace.

Zone 1, ‘Passion’, tried to pinpoint team motivations and how each individual might be able to engage others whilst managing risk and reward. It also gave everyone the opportunity to clarify their understanding of the company’s vision.

Zone 2, ‘Inspire’, looked at how it would be possible to get others to believe in what the company is doing and explored the question, ‘Is inspiration a skill or a talent?’

Zone 3, ‘Drive’, focused on whether the team had enough commitment to deliver and if their actions and responsibilities were clear enough. The facilitator also ensured that the team members were working to their strengths, rather than focusing too much on their weaknesses.

Overall Experience

The 60 delegates really benefited from this intensive, two-day corporate team development session. They were able to express their creativity and have a lot of fun on the first day. On day two, they explored what they had learned about themselves, their colleagues and the company, and defined ways to create a more focused team with a single vision.

“A great experience; it was a really fun way to interact with colleagues and insightful way to get better understanding of some of my development areas as well as some of my strengths.”

Team building participant

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