Training Case Study – Marstons

Client:  Marstons

Group Size: 9

Organiser: Andy


Marstons come to Garlands frequently for their Junior Management Development training days. Our Event Managers have a great rapport with Andy and an in-depth understanding of their training needs.

Marstons’ team building days are mainly centred on the importance of leadership, so it is vital that the activities require a strong leader to manage the rest of the group. On top of this, Andy was also looking for activities that would identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, so as to help with assigning roles within the company.

Andy attends the team building events with a colleague to assess the performance of participants as part of the Junior Management Development programme.

Along with training and development activities, Marstons also needed a conferencing area for the afternoon to discuss the observations made throughout the day.


Based on the above requirements and their previous team building days at Garlands, Phil and Andy worked together to produce a challenging and fun-packed timetable.

Marstons Team Building Itinerary
8.45am Arrival & Welcome
9.00am Stepping Stones
9.45am Nightline
10.30am Rollerball
11.30am Electric Fence
12.15pm BBQ Lunch
1.15pm Murder Mystery
2.15pm Rocket Launch
3.15pm Conferencing Facilities
5.00pm Awards Presentation & Depart

Sequence of Events

The team arrived to be greeted by friendly, familiar faces on the morning of their team development day. They already knew the registration procedure, so it didn’t take long for everybody to fill in their declaration form and move onto the first activity.

It was agreed that the Garlands staff would monitor throughout the day, taking notes on how the group worked together and whether there was a noticeably strong lead figure. At the end of each activity, they would be debriefed on their performance and given advice on how they might improve for the following activity.

After a challenging morning, the team had their BBQ outside the Lodge, where everybody could relax, reflect and chat with their team mates. The Garlands team ate with the attendees to gain feedback on how the day was going, all of which proved to be extremely positive.

The afternoon consisted of two more extremely challenging activities. These were designed to really test their personal teamwork abilities and encourage them to study and make full use of the skills of their colleagues.

The rest of the day was spent in the lodge using the conferencing facilities before their awards presentation.

Overall Experience

As with previous events, the Marstons team had a fantastic time and left having seen a major improvement from their last visit. In addition they had identified areas that needed further development.

“Fantastic day and enjoyed by all. Definitely think we should keep the theme for next time and use the raft exercise to end. The group said how much they enjoyed themselves and it was great for me and Julie to be able to assess the deputy managers in how well they led the team.”

Andy – Marstons Team Development Organiser

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