Training Case Study – Jaguar Land Rover

Client: Jaguar Land Rover

Group Size: 11

Organiser: Helen


Helen needed to organise a team development day for Jaguar Land Rover’s Accountancy and Junior Management department. She wanted to start the day with some fun activities so that the team were relaxed and comfortable with each other, ready for a challenging afternoon.

The main objective for the day was to develop the workforce as a whole. Helen believed that this would be best achieved through a series of indoor tasks. Even though Garlands is primarily an outdoor activities company, we do have five indoor conference and events facilities to utilise for indoor activities. Our Event Managers devised an innovative indoor corporate team development programme specifically for Jaguar Land Rover and christened it the ‘Gravity Conveyor System’.


An initial timetable put together by Phil, our event manager, was sent to Helen, allowing her time to make any alterations.

Jaguar Land Rover Itinerary
10.15am Arrival at Garlands Leisure and Welcome
10.30am Quad Bike Racing
12.00pm Lunch
1.00pm Archery
2.30pm Ice Breakers and Team Tasks
5.00pm Feedback and Awards

Sequence of Events

The team arrived at 10.15am keen to get started. After registration, they were lead to the Quad Bike off road race track for a briefing from their instructors. Following a spectacular hour and a half of racing, a delicious Italian Bistro-style lunch was served in the Lodge.

Following lunch, the team took part in Archery, which proved to be exceptionally popular, with one or two budding Robin Hoods being discovered.

After a morning of outdoor fun, it was time to head indoors for an afternoon of team development activities, facilitated by our team of qualified and experienced instructors. The overall objective of the afternoon was to build a Gravity Conveyor System, which is a free-standing structure that allows a ball to travel through the construction area, using gravity.

A price list of resources was given to the team at the beginning and they had to buy equipment to complete their task within a set budget. However, a series of tasks were outlined that had to be completed to a certain standard for them to generate the necessary revenue.

Throughout the task they were under the watchful eye of our instructors, who lead them through the various stages. Once the team had generated enough revenue, they had to discuss which items to purchase in order to start the build. This tested their communication skills and highlighted which individuals were more forthright than others.

Overall Experience

The team really enjoyed the task and threw themselves into it wholeheartedly, with some fantastic results. The bonds between colleagues were greatly strengthened and before departing, everyone cheered the team members who had worked particularly hard throughout the day, as they received their medals on the podium.

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