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We’ve all seen honeybees on a warm summer’s day, flying tirelessly from one flower to the next. The example of a colony of 60,000 bees each working selflessly for the benefit of the hive is a great analogy for how an ideal business should run.

With this in mind and the dramatic decline of the honeybee population worldwide, Garlands has designed an inspiring team day out that not only gets corporate teams ‘buzzing’, but also helps to restore the local bee population at the same time. We call it ‘Plan Bee’.

Severe SphereThe challenge incorporates a wide range of skills including presenting, budgeting, risk management, time management and target setting. The starting point with Plan Bee is to see the team as a colony that has to work together. The overall objective being, to maximise the population of bees in each team’s hive. NB. There are no real bees involved in the exercises!

There is also a huge environmental pay-off that appeals to many participants. Your team/company has the option of adding a real beehive to the cost of the event. We can either keep the hive here at Mythe Farm or you can take it to a different site. If you choose to keep your hive at Mythe Farm, it will be managed on-site and a blog will be kept to update you with any activity and hopefully we’ll send you some honey.

Rocket LaunchPlan Bee is a great team away day and a truly inspirational exercise that will improve both the dynamics and environmental awareness within your team. For an additional cost of £350.00 for a hive, it’s also a great way to add to your company’s environmental credentials and CSR requirements.

Half Day

The half-day programme comprises three engaging team tasks, each lasting between 30 and 40 minutes. These tasks mirror different aspects of bee life (foraging, securing resources and housekeeping). The content of these tasks can be tailored to cover learning requirements specific to your particular business.

Full Day

The full day programme comprises six 30-40 minute tasks, two from each aspect of bee life. As with the half-day programme, these can be tailored to your specific businesses learning requirements.

After the initial tasks, the team will complete a 1-hour, more complex task, that again can be tailored to your specific needs. This task will lead to a further increase in the population of the teams ‘hive’.


Both full and half-day exercises culminate in a dynamic team task – launching an egg 100 feet into the air and returning it to the ground unbroken. The performance in previous tasks will affect the amount of resources available to carry out the finale.

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