Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting with Garlands

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting in the heart of the Midlands close to Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry & Nottingham

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is like a traditional clay pigeon shoot, but with laser beams instead of shotgun cartridges. It’s 50% Lord of the Manor and 50% Star Wars!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns converted to fire invisible laser beams. Players shoot at the clay pigeons, and hits are registered on an electronic scoreboard. Clays are launched in the same way as the traditional version, but up to 5 people can shoot at the same targets. At the end of the competition, the players with the most hits win bronze, silver and gold medals.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is fully supervised at all times. There’s no live ammo and the gun doesn’t kick back when it’s fired, so it couldn’t be any safer. A dedicated microchip controls the laser and a radio transmitter sends information to the control module to work out the scores and also produces a realistic ‘bang’. The sound is fully adjustable, so there is no risk of hearing damage.

For even more of a twist, we can also run shoots after sunset using luminous laser clays that create a bright green beam across the sky. Flash attachments are fitted to the guns and each time a clay is hit, both the clay and the gun flash.

It’s a fun event that’s great for small or large groups and is carried out at our main site on the Warwickshire Leicestershire border, 30 minutes from Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry and Nottingham. Or, if you prefer, this activity can be hired out to a venue of your choice; you’ll just need to ensure that a grassy area of 20m x 30m is available to enable the clay to fly and land.

Laser clay shooting is great as part of a multi-activity day with Quad Biking or Off Road Karting, or as an afternoon activity at corporate team building events.

Please note that all Garlands activities are now only available for corporate events. For more corporate event inspiration, please visit the Garlands Corporate website.

Approx. 1 hour activity time.
Time includes an event briefing, plus awards ceremony to conclude.
Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult participant.
Available 7 days per week, 9.00am – 7.30pm subject to availability.
Available even when the sun has set!
Laser clay pigeon shooting is very safe for participants and spectators. The guns have been deactivated so there is none of the danger associated with live ammunition. The sound is also fully adjustable so there is no risk of damage to hearing and there is no ‘kick’ from the gun when it is fired.

The laser clay launcher is housed behind a protective barrier at the Garlands site so there is no possibility of participants coming into contact with flying clays, and the event is fully supervised to ensure all participants are safe.

What you will need

  • Outdoor clothing
Walking boots / old trainers
A change of footwear
  • Eagle eyes!

Laser Clay Pigeon can be hired out to a venue of your choice; you’ll just need to ensure that a grassy area of 20m x 30m is available to enable the clay to fly and land.

Two of our trained facilitators will arrive promptly to set up the shoot at the venue of your choice and will run the activity throughout the agreed hire period.

For more information, please contact us on 01827722201.

‘Fantastic day today with the Laser clay shooting. A big Thank You from the PERA crew.”

Dave Pass