Team Building Exercises at Garlands…

Corporate Team Building Exercises perfectly situated only 30 minutes from Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester & Nottingham

After years of facilitating team building days, we know that every team dynamic is totally different. That’s why we’ve got a huge and ever-growing menu of exercises to dip into.

What do you want to focus on? Communication skills, trust, delegation, leadership… Every exercise has been designed for a specific purpose and has produced outstanding results with the most diverse range of teams you can imagine.

Our event managers and instructors are always dreaming up new and innovative ideas for team building exercises. However, if you’ve visited us before and would like us to work our magic with a tried and trusted activity at your next event, just ask.

What will you get out of your Team Building day?

  • A chance to develop trust and a platform for constructive criticism
  • It will help to reduce stress and team conflicts
  • It will sharpen your team’s problem solving skills
  • It will improve communication, managerial and leadership skills
  • You will be able to better identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Everyone will have fun at the same time!

A selection of our team building exercises

>> Bridge Building
Each team will be given the equipment to construct a bridge that connects the banks of the River Sence. In order to succeed, the team must plan effectively and continuously communicate with each other throughout. The bridge must be able to take the weight of the entire group, whilst meeting a certain level of health and safety, which will be judged by our instructors.
Bridge Building Team building exercises at Garlands

>> Raft Racing
The group will be split up into two teams and given an assortment of equipment to build a raft. Before constructing the raft, both teams will be allocated a certain amount of planning time before the overall winners are determined in a race.
Raft racing corporate team building at Garlands
>> Ice Breakers
A simple but very effective combination of a variety of team based challenges designed to make you think outside of the box. A fun and enjoyable way to get to know your group in the great outdoors.
>> Spider’s Web
The group must work as a team to feed each member through a hole in the spider’s web; however, each passage may only be used once. This exercise is designed to test both teamwork and individual skill.
Spider's Web team building exercise at Garlands
>> Nightline
Every member of the group will be blindfolded and use a rope as guidance through an orienteering task, whereby the team must discover and identify objects. At regular intervals the rope will divide, so the group must make a calculated decision on which path to take.
Nightline blindfolded teram building exercise
>> Electric Fence
The aim is to get every team member across the electric fence without being electrocuted, using only the equipment provided. This problem solving activity requires deeper thinking; the solution may not be as simple as first thought.
Electric fence team building exercise
>> Rail Tracks
An excellent activity for both teamwork and problem solving, the group must navigate their way around a quarantined area without touching the ground. With only the basic equipment provided, the team will have to rely on each other for support.
>> Stepping Stones
The group have to cross a restricted area using two planks; there are no limitations as to how they are used, so strategic planning is the key to this problem-solving task.
Stepping stone team building exercise at Garlands
>> Rollerball
This activity requires the whole team to build a contraption capable of transporting a ball from one end to the other. The team will be split into 3 groups and work in adjoining areas, so co-operation, coordination and communication are all essential. Everyone must contribute to the overall objective, whilst ensuring that their own sub-team functions properly.
Rollerball team building exercise

>> Stretcher Carry
The stretcher carries a container full of water that needs to be transported around the course. Members of the team touching the stretcher will be blindfolded and must rely on those who are sighted to guide them, meaning that effective communication is imperative. Success is measured by the amount of water left in the container at the end of the exercise.
Stretcher carry Team building exercise at Garlands
>> Tyrolean Traverse
The objective of this task is for each team member to cross from one side of a pit to the other and back again, using the assistance of high hanging wires. To make this activity even more challenging, the team will have to put up some of the wires themselves before crossing.
Tyrolean traverse corporate team building exercise
>> ‘A’ Frame Walk
The team must use pioneering poles to build an ‘A’ shaped frame. One of the more courageous members of the group must volunteer to stand in the ‘A’ frame while the rest of the group form a walking pattern to carry the ‘A’ frame to the designated target. This task focuses on trust, physical abilities and co-ordination.
A-frame walk team building exercise at Garlands
>> Photo Orienteering – A Murder Mystery
This activity is an orienteering task that can be tackled in both small and large groups. The clues to a recent murder lie scattered around the Garlands Leisure site. Using the photographs provided, the teams must plan a strategy for finding them and then navigate the site to do so, before returning to their base to put all the clues together and solve the mystery. You will be working against the clock to find the murderer.
Murder mystery photo orienteering team building exercise
>> Caterpillar Race 
One of the most traditional team building events of our time. It requires coordination, communication and leadership with a hint of creative flare to get your team from a start point to a finish point in the quickest time using only the basic equipment provided. Watch out – penalties can be easily picked up along the way!
>> Sphere Severe 
Simply transport a ball from A to B. Sounds easy doesn’t it? However, the ball must continuously move forward through the guttering provided. It may not roll backwards or stop. Plus, Whilst in control of the ball, you may not move your feet. A challenging and energetic team task where communication and leadership is paramount.
Severe Sphere
>> Toxic Waste
A bucket of toxic waste stands within a marked off area. The team must transfer the waste to the appropriate disposal point. As the liquid is toxic the team must complete the task from a safe distance.
Toxic Waste
>> Rocket Launch
A creative task which involves the team creating a rocket that can launch an egg as high as possible without breaking the egg on decent back to earth. Extra equipment can be purchased using the points gained from previous activities. Marks will be awarded for innovation, comedy value, height achieved in flight and, of course, for a solid egg.
Rocket Launch
>> Blind Navigation
One blindfolded team member must negotiate a marked course. The rest of the team are given a word card each, and using only these words much direct their blindfolded team member around the course.
>> Levitation
Using only the supplied equipment, the team must create a structure that with enable every member to be at least 30cm clear of the ground. They must be clear of the ground for a continuous period of 2 minutes.
>> Mine Field
The team must cross an identified and cordoned off minefield without touching the ground. The team have blocks and planks to utilise in order to keep themselves off the ground.

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“From all of us at Howdens thanks for an excellent day. It was the best team away day we have ever had. Great fun, good staff – friendly and professional. Thanks again!!”

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