The Space Race

Team Building Events at Mythe Farm in the Midlands centrally located for Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham & Coventry

With our new 21st century Space Race you and your team will create your very own rocket and shoot for the stars. You will be set a series of challenges and the level of success determines the revenue generated. The revenue earned is used to purchase resources to construct your rocket. The more revenue accrued from the tasks the greater the prospect of making a winning rocket.

Once the rocket is constructed each group will present their rocket to the group. Teams will vote for each other’s design and then the rocket must not only fly to a given height but it also has to land its crew safely back to earth unharmed. This can be tricky but with some creative design and solid construction it can be achieved.  As a finale to the event there is a grand prize giving for the most successful team.

Space Race Challenge is available as a group activity or corporate event and can be delivered for fun, challenge, incentive or reward. Alternatively it can be combined into a team building activity day or included in a multi-activity competition event.





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