Tank Driving with Garlands…

Tank Driving Experiences in the heart of the Midlands 20 minutes from Leicester, 40+ minutes from Birmingham & Nottingham

Ploughing through mud, plunging into pits, powering up hills… tank and military vehicle driving experiences really get the blood pumping. So helmets on, goggles down, let’s mix it up with some serious boy’s (and girl’s) toys!

Depending on which tank driving activity you choose, you will be ploughing through the Midlands countryside. The tank driving experience will put you in the driving seat of the FV432 armoured personnel carrier. The FV432 is 17 tonnes of British military equipment with a Rolls-Royce engine to get you over tricky terrain.

The Military Vehicle Driving Experience gives you the option of driving 2 or 3 vehicles from a choice of 5 ex-army vehicles.

Whether you’re after a family day out, a challenging corporate activity day or the biggest stag party or hen party in living memory, you’re in for the drive of your life!

Tank Driving Experience                                                                                                                                       (Click here)

Grab your helmet, head down to the tank track and prepare yourself for a driving experience like no other.

Once you’ve had the briefing introduction and health and safety information, you take a seat inside the tank and the instructor drives you around the track. This will familiarise you with the track and the vehicle. You sit on your backrest/seat half out the top of the turret.

Now it’s you turn to take control. When you are comfortable with the controls, you can take it away.

The experience consists of 3 laps. The first lap is done with the drivers’ hatch open so you will become accustomed to the controls and you’ll be able to navigate your way around the track. The second lap is a little harder. Your seat is lowered and the hatch is closed and you will use the on board periscope to navigate around the track. This is the driving that the troops experience in battle conditions. The final lap gives you the choice of having the hatch open or closed, whichever you prefer. Either way, you’ll find a new respect for the armed forces.

Military Vehicle Driving Experience                                                                        (Click here)

Already driven a tank and hungry for more? Then military vehicle driving experience is for you!

You can drive 2 or 3 vehicles depending on the driving experience you chose. 5 restored ex-army vehicles are available to choose from.

Each vehicle with its’ unique driving sensation. Ever wanted to sit high and mighty in a truck? Towering over onlookers as you’ll be king of the road. Well now you can, with the 4×4 Bedford MJ.

If you want a vehicle that can go anywhere you’ll want the BV 206 Hagglund.

Used by HM’s elite special forces to overcome nearly any terrain thrown at it. Have a go around the track and adapt to the strange central pivot steering. How about a Russian amphibious armoured scout car instead?  The Russian BRDM2 was used to detect chemical weapons (you never know what you might find on the track).  Squeeze yourself into the drivers’ seat of the Ferret armoured scout car. This one has the strangest driving position you will ever see. Lay back and take it for a spin, easy rider style! Finally you can drive the 17.5 tonnes FV432 Rolls-Royce powered tank!

Tank Driving Experience

Minimum group number 16 people.

The FV432 tank experience costs £95.00 per person.

Duration – Approximately 45 minutes consisting of 3 laps with you in the driving seat.

Minimum age – 16 years.

A driving licence is preferred but not essential. Must have the ability to drive a manual transmission.

Military Vehicle Driving Experience

Minimum group number 16 people.

Number of vehicles 2  vehicles   3  vehicles
Price £95pp £155pp
Duration 40 minutes 1 hour

You will drive 2 or 3 exciting ex-military vehicles from a selection including:

  • FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • BV206 Hagglund Amphibious Carrier
  • Bedford MJ 4×4 Troop Carrying Truck
  • Russian BRDM2
  • Ferret armoured scout car

Minimum age – 17 years.

A driving licence is preferred but not essential. Must have the ability to drive a manual transmission.

Minimum group number 16 people.

Additional Information

Bookings are available 7 days a week, subject to availability.

Extra passengers are £15.00 per person, subject to availability (minimum 8 years, maximum of 4 passengers).

Each spectator costs £5 (Under 5 years go free).

This activity is weather dependent.

On site photography and refreshments are also available on site.

After a safety briefing, overalls, goggles, ear defenders and helmets are provided for use on the course.

Minimum age is 16 years for “Tank Driving Experience” and 17 years for “Military Vehicle Driving Experience”.

A driving licence is preferred but not essential. Must have the ability to drive a manual transmission.

Max height – 6ft 4’ / 193cm

Max weight – 22 Stone / 140Kg

Group size available 16-40

What you will need

  • Comfortable clothing
  • A change of clothing
  • A driving licence is preferred but not essential. Must have the ability to drive a manual transmission.
  • The guts of a tank commander


Russian BRDM2
The BRDM2 is an amphibious armoured patrol car used by Russia and former Soviet Union. This vehicle was exported and used by 38 different countries. This has a 4 man crew and weighs 7.7 tonnes and has a v-8 beneath. This was used to detect chemcial weapons.

The FV432 is an armoured personnel carrier with a Rolls-Royce multi-fuel engine and semi-automatic transmission. Steering and braking happens via a pair of levers that apply brakes to the sprocket wheels. As the brake is applied to one track, the other keeps moving, causing the vehicle to turn. The FV432 is versatile and durable and can carry up to 10 fully equipped soldiers.
FV432 tank driving at Garlands

Hagglund BV206
Hagglund amphibious carriers are powered by either a Mercedes diesel or Ford V6 petrol and have an automatic gearbox, with all four tracks in driving mode. Steering is provided by hydraulic rams that twist to force it to turn. The Hagglund is easy to drive and never ceases to impress.
Hagglund BV206 tank driving

Bedford MJ 4×4 Troop Carrying Truck
It’s back to basics and raw power with this troop carrier. With no frills like power steering, the Bedford MJ is built to take the toughest treatment. This 4-ton beauty is powered by a 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine and has selective 2 or 4 wheel drive and high and low transmission. The Bedford has impressive off road capabilities and its rugged features make it a thrilling drive.
Bedford MJ 4×4 Troop Carrying truck driving experience

Ferret armoured scout car
The ferret armoured scout car is a British armoured fighting vehicle. The vehicle is compact sized which is ideally suited for reconnaissance missions. The car has a crew of only 2, is agile and fast (60mph) with its’ Rolls-Royce engine. 
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