Power Turn Buggy Racing with Garlands…

Off road buggy racing with Garlands in the Midlands 30 minutes from Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry.

A Powerturn Buggy is like nothing you’ve driven before. They have two independent drive wheels and there is no steering wheel or pedals (told you it was like nothing you’ve driven before).

You control the buggy by using two levers. This lets you perform unbelievable stunts such as spinning on the spot and wheelies (even while cornering). And the fun doesn’t stop there, two people can drive the buggy at the same time, by using one lever each – we think the term might be ‘organised chaos’.

Powerturn Buggies can zip along at 30mph and more, and because of their unique set up, in the right hands they can be driven round a track quicker than a conventional vehicle (but don’t let that stop you sliding and spinning your way around the course).

Powerturn Buggies are perfect for team building and corporate entertainment as well as stag and hen parties, because in pairs, you’ll need communication and cooperation – unless of course you want to spend the day spinning out of control!

You can give Garlands Powerturn Buggies as a gift voucher and because you can get here from pretty much anywhere in the midlands, it really is the perfect location for an amazing activity day out.

Power Turn Buggies
£45.00 per person
60 minute activity with a 10 minute briefing, (activity duration can be increased depending on numbers)

Minimum age 16 years
Minimum 6 people
Awards ceremony to conclude
Available 7 days per week
 9.00am – 7.30pm subject to availability

Off-Site Hire

PowerTurns can be taken off site, subject to health & safety and minimum space requirements.

Available 7 days a week, subject to availability. £POA. Please call the office at 01827 722 123 for bookings.

Powerturns are suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced drivers. For your safety, no contact is allowed between the Powerturn buggies whilst they are in use and the area is marshaled by qualified instructors at all times. The equipment is regularly serviced to ensure maximum performance and safety.

The minimum age of for Powerturn buggies is 16 years, with a minimum group size of 6. The maximum weight is 18 stones but please bear in mind that this is a guideline and the participant must be able to fit into the safety equipment, the judgment of this is the attendee’s responsibility. If you are unsure, you are welcome to call the office for further information.

We take the safety of both our customers and staff extremely seriously which is why we have a public liability insurance of up to £5 million in place.

“5 of us had a go on the power turn buggies, it was so much fun and a lot harder than it looks. I would recommend it, it’s not like anything I’ve done before.”

Michael Tory
Garlands Leisure Ltd.
The Mythe Farm, Pinwall Lane AtherstoneWarwickshireCV9 3PF UK 
 • 01827 722 123