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Outdoor Go Karting is fast and furious. Your 270cc Honda-powered BIZ kart will deliver blistering acceleration and reach speeds of up to 50mph. When you’re that close to the ground, believe us, that’s FAST!

There are two formats to choose from for go karting; sprint racing (for 8 – 12 drivers) and endurance racing (for 12 – 60 drivers). There is a large indoor area looking out onto the track, so the rest of your group can watch you screaming around the kart track (metaphorically speaking, of course). The spacious conference room, which also overlooks the kart track, is the perfect place to hold a meeting before or after your race. After the event, the winning teams are awarded trophies and you can even take race time print-outs home with you to show off with.

Sprint Racing                                                                                              (Click here)

This is an all-out adrenaline rush of a go karting race, with between 8 and 12 drivers on the track at once. Sprint racing gives your group exclusive use of the outdoor karting track for a 50 or 75 lap sprint race, with the option of an interval half way through.

You and your team mates will be greeted by a member of staff and kitted out with your go karting race suits, helmets, balaclavas and gloves. You will then be given a briefing covering safety, kart control and the race format, followed by a tour of the track and some racing tips. Everyone must then get to grips with their machine by completing five practice laps before the race begins. Then it’s all revs, skids and every man and woman for themselves!

When the chequered flag comes down, the race winner is presented with a bottle of champagne and a gold medal. Silver and bronze medals are also awarded for second and third places.

Endurance Racing                                                                                (Click here)

Calling all serious petrol heads! This endurance race is designed around the ‘Le Mans’ race format and is a real test of nerve, teamwork and strategy. You’ll be part of a team and pitted against a total of up to 60 drivers. The teams compete to race as many laps as possible in the allotted time (anywhere between 1 and 3 hours; and if you’re feeling particularly hard-core, we can organise even longer go karting races).

Endurance racing is ideal as a team building exercise or for groups aiming to maximise driving time. The number of kart drivers in each team will vary depending on the group size, with the race length being based on each driver completing 30 minutes of driving. For example, a group containing 48 drivers would be split into eight teams of six, with the race lasting three hours.

Before the race begins, a timed practice session gives everyone the chance to get to know the track and their kart. The drivers are then arranged in qualifying order for a rolling start, led by the safety kart. Each team decides their own race strategy – who starts the race, every driver change and the finishing driver.

The aim is to complete as many laps as possible in the time given, before the chequered flag comes down. The winning team receives trophies and champagne.

You will be thoroughly kitted out in protective go karting overalls, gloves, balaclava and helmet, so don’t turn up in sandals or high heels. To handle the pedals efficiently you will definitely need practical shoes, such as trainers or boots.

Male and female showers and changing rooms are available. They are clean and secure, and a locker is provided free of charge. Light refreshments are available from the onsite café and vending machines, or full catering can be arranged – just let us know what you want.

Outdoor Go Karting
£42.50 per person (50 laps)
£52.50 per person (75 laps)
Event Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours approx including briefing

Minimum number: 8 people
Maximum number: 12 people
Minimum Age: 16 years

Endurance Race
From £90.00 per kart/team
Event Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

Minimum number: 12 people
Maximum number: 60 people
Minimum Age: 16 years

You will need to wear a pair of strong, practical shoes to race, such as boots or trainers. Sandals and high heels are not suitable. All other equipment including overalls, driving gloves and helmets are provided.

Minimum age 16 years (except for children’s parties)
Max weight 18 stone approx
Max height 6’8″ approx

Please note that these restrictions are for guidance only. All participants must be able to fit into the safety equipment and it is the booker’s responsibility to ensure compliance. If in any doubt please contact us.

What you will need

  • Boots or trainers
Comfortable clothes
A need for speed!
Had a great time with Garlands on a Stag do in Birmingham – great go-karting and brilliant clay pigeon shooting. Would really recommend Garlands – thanks guys!

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