Sheepdog Handling with Garlands

Sheep Dog Handling is available at Mythe Farm in the Midlands 30 minutes from Birmingham, Nottingham & Leicester.

Bet you’ve never tried Sheepdog Handling before (unless you’re a shepherd; if so, please ignore this page).

This fun, challenging activity requires skill, communication, problem solving, team work and a sense of humour (you’ll end up in stitches most of the time), making it perfect for corporate team building events!

After some tuition you will be given a shepherd’s crook and a faithful collie who will work to your commands (or at least, that’s the plan). In pairs or individually, you will then attempt to herd a family of ducks around a course. The ducks will waddle through tunnels and gates, down slides, into the pool and then finally back into the pen.

Sheepdog Handling / Duck Herding is available as a fun corporate event, as part of a team building activity or as a multi-activity event. We run Sheepdog Handling events at our 150 acre venue in the beautiful Warwickshire and Leicestershire countryside, right in the heart of the Midlands between Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Burton Upon Trent.

Alternatively, we can organise Sheepdog Handling at a venue of your choice, as long as there is a flat area of short grass available, approximately 40m x 40m, with adjacent parking for a 4×4 vehicle and trailer.

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