Bungee Jumping with garlands…

30 minutes from Birmingham City centre, 50 minutes for Leicester, & 50 minutes from Nottingham

Standing above the 160feet (48 metres) drop and the countdown begins: 3, 2, 1, BUNGEE! This is the last thing you will hear before the wind is rushing past you, as you launch yourself over the 160feet fall. You will feel the torrent chemicals flowing through your brain when the adrenaline kicks in, as you are taking the leap of faith. Then the bungee cord will slow your descent and pull you skyward. Once you have jumped and the “elastic band” has saved you, the chemical dopamine (the relief / reward-motivated behaviour chemical) will jump into action giving the euphoric sense of achievement. The pure surge of chemicals will leave you with a smile on your face for days to come.

A friendly and profession crew will guide you through your day. After your jump a complimentary bungee jumping certificate will be given.

The 160feet (48 metres) bungee is the most popular jump in the UK that is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

Single Jump                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Click here)

The single jump is for you and you alone. The staff will take you up the 160feet (48metres) and count you down. The rest is up to you and gravity.

Tandem Jump                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Click here)

Need a friend to help walk the plank? Then try a tandem jump. 2 people strapped close together taking on the 160feet drop.

FAB Jump (one forward & one backward jump)            (Click here)

The fab jump is a tandem jump with 2 people facing back-to-back. one person facing forward & the other facing backward.

As many spectators as you like are welcome to come along free of charge.

If there are high winds and/or thunderstorms present on the day an event may be cancelled.

Photos and videos of your jump can be purchase during the booking process, over the phone or on the day.

The jump is 160feet above water.


Duration – Some people may take a little longer than others so please on allow for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours on the site.

160ft (48metres) Bungee Jump

Friendly & Professional Crew

A Complimentary Bungee Jumping Certificate will be given.

Activity Single Jump Tandem Jump FAB Jump
Price £60pp £120pp £120pp


Available Dates

Month   Available Days of 2014
May 10 11
June 28 29
August 23 24 25
November 1 2


Maximum weight for solo – 120Kg (18.9Stone)

Maximum weight for Tandem – 217Kg (34.17Stone) in total

Please arrive 30 minutes before your jump time

Harness waist size – from 40cm (15.7inches) to 125cm (49.2inches)

Glasses or hard contact lenses should not be worn. Soft contact lenses are allowed.

Minimum age – 14 years.

14 – 16 years requires parent or guardians permission and signature.

Over 50’s are required to have a doctor’s note stating that in their medical history there is nothing that will be problematic for doing the jump (this is needed to comply with insurance regulations).

If you are not in good health you should not jump. You should not jump if you suffer from the following: heart condition, suffer from dizziness or epilepsy, damage to neck/back/spinal column/legs/eyes, asthma.

Pregnant ladies should not jump.

You should be alcohol free. If you appear intoxicated to the staff, you cannot jump.

Loose items should be removed and stored elsewhere. Remove all pieces of jewellery, loose change, phones, wallets etc. If you are unable to remove an item of jewellery (i.e. wedding ring) please inform the staff before the harness is put on.

What you will need

  • Please dress in casual, comfortable clothing
  • Dress according to the weather
  • Skirts are not recommended
  • Please do not wear boots for your jump or any other footwear that may interfere with ankle harnesses otherwise they will have to be removed before the jump
  • Trainers are perfect; shoes are fine, so long as they are securely fastened


Bungee History and Safety regulations

Bungee jumping was inspired from traditional vine jumpers of Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. Contrary to popular belief modern Bungee Jumping can trace its’ roots to the UK as oppose to New Zealand as people may say. The first jumps were four simultaneous jumps on the 1st April 1979 made from Brunel’s’ Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol by members of the “Oxford Dangerous Sports Club”. From that day, the worldwide sport was born.

For several years the sport remained a minor activity and was potentially dangerous since it was unregulated. Some incidents did occur resulting in serious and fatal injury to participants.

The incidents and experience during these years lead to systems and methods to ensure safety from then on. Methods introduced were: specifications of all equipment used, qualifications for operating staff, procedures designed to alleviate human error and controls instigated to protect participants.

The compiled procedures and specifications produce the BERSA code of safe practice, that consults with HSE to ensure safe bungee jumps for all.

The staff working to give your 160feet bungee jump are highly trained, having taken sat written, oral and practical assessments. All the crew are professional, friendly and proficient in dealing with participants who are often nervous, whilst providing a safe but positive experience.

All the equipment is logged, independently tested and certificates is available to view on site. Each bungee rope has an individual log recording the total number of jumps and hours exposed to daylight. All equipment is checked daily and signed off by at least two crew members on a check list. Activities are run according to the BERSA Code. All participants will be checked independently by at least 4 crew members.



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